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SHZH1300-600 Diesel Wood Composite Crusher

This machine is widely used in processing wood, such as various types of small-diameter wood, board skin, round core, waste veneer, and various non-wood raw materials, such as various straw, cotton, And so on, for a wide range. Belt feed, can also be customized chain plate conveyor, feed can be more smooth, greatly improve production capacity, is the ideal choice for biological power plant equipment.


Technical specifications:

SHZH1300-600 Wood Composite Crusher
Feeding Inlet(mm) 1250*500
Blade shaft Diameter(mm) 800mm
Blades (pcs) 2 sets
Blade Roll Speed (R/Min) 850
Max processing wood diameter 450mm
Wood Chipper Size 20-40mm
Production Capacity 15-30tons/Hour
Diesel motor 400HP
Feeding conveyor length 6m
Discharging conveyor length 10m
Feeding Suspension Inverter Motor 7.5KW
Chain Plate Feeding Inverter Motor 11KW
Electromagnetic valve integrated Oil Pump Motor 3KW
Conveyor Gear Motor Power 4KW (gear motor )
Weight 20tons
Overall Size 8500*2400*2200mm
Soft Start Frequency conversion control integrated control cabinet
USD6200 To Add Wheels for mobile usage (Optional )


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Wood Chipper/Crusher Machine

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