Diesel Engine Powered Wood Chipper Drum Crusher machine with magnetic system for mobile usage

SH1300-600 Series Wood Crusher Machine is mainly used for building film faced plywood, wasted wood pallet, Tree bark, Slabs, off cuts, branches, straw and so on. It can work together with the baler breaker. This machine includes Host, chain plate, feeding & outlet conveyor system, intelligent electrical control. Chain Plate Feeding conveyor feeds raw materials more freely, no need changing the belt all the time. It is with reasonable structure, simple operation, high automatic level, and high safety coefficient and production capacity, less manpower, easy maintenance. It is the ideal equipment for biomass power generation enterprises.

Technical Parameter Of Host System Equipment


Model SH1300-600
Feeding Inlet 1300*600MM
Blade Roller Diameter 830MM
Blade Roller Speed 850RPM
Capacity 15-20T/Hour
YG8 Hammer Blade Quantity OR Blades 22 pcs hammers or 2sets blades
Max Processing Wood Diameter 450MM
Diesel Engine Power 400HP
Wood Chipper Size 20-40CM
Working Life Of THE Hammer Blades 4000T-6000T



















Technical Parameter Of Feeding System


Model SH1300-600
Slot Chain Plate Feeding Conveyor 1 Set
Feeding Motor Power 7.5KW+11KW
Chain Plate Width 1260MM
Conveyor Length 6000MM
Feeding Speed 2-18M/Min
Chain Material 16Mn
Position Limited Wheel 5
Gear Box Hard Teeth Faces















Technical Parameter Of Discharging System

Model SH1300-600
Outlet Conveyor Belt 1Set
First Outlet Motor 4KW With Gear Box
Second Outlet Motor 5.5KW With Gear Box
Conveyor Material 14-16# Channel/ Square Tube
Conveyor Length*Width 10m*1m
Conveyor Material Nylon 4 Layer
Outlet Height 3800-4500MM














Intelligent Electronic Control System

Model SH1300-600
Large Control Cabinet Ground
Host Start Model Soft Start
Feeding Speed Control Model Variable Frequency
Electrical Control Control Cabinet + Remote Control

High Efficiency Hydraulic System

Model SH1300-600
Control Model Solenoid Valve
Hydraulic Oil Pump 3KW
Hydraulic Oil Tank 120L





















Wood Chipper/Crusher Machine

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